Trump lawyer whines about being 'canceled' after elite club pushes him out over threat to election official
Attorney Joseph E. diGenova (Photo: Screen cap).

Trump attorney Joe diGenova has resigned from the elite Gridiron Club after the club asked him to step down in the wake of his call to execute former federal cybersecurity official Christopher Krebs.

The Washington Post reports that the Gridiron Club requested diGenova's resignation after he said that Krebs, who was fired by President Donald Trump for saying that the 2020 presidential election was free and fair, should be "drawn and quartered" and "taken out and shot."

“We were dismayed by his comments and we felt that they were, on top of everything else, just antithetical to what the club is about,” club president Craig Gilbert tells the Post. “It’s a social club — we’re all about fellowship and good will.”

diGenova insists that he was merely joking about killing the former election official, and he complained to the Washington Post that he was the victim of "cancel culture."

"It’s their club, and we’re at a strange time in American history, and, I guess I was canceled," he said.