Trump may have undermined Texas's Hail Mary election lawsuit with a single tweet: law professor
President Donald Trump during a White House event. (Screenshot/CNN)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton this week sued four key battleground states lost by President Donald Trump in the hopes of overturning the 2020 presidential election.

Legal experts have picked apart the lawsuit and have said it stands little chance of even being heard by the United States Supreme Court, let alone succeeding.

And according to University of Texas School of Law professor Stephen Vladeck, Trump may have further undermined an already-shaky case with a tweet that he posted on Wednesday morning.

Specifically, Trump tweeted that "we will be INTERVENING in the Texas case," while also hyping up the Paxton lawsuit as "the big one."

According to Vladeck, however, Trump intervening would harm the case's chances of success.

"The central purpose of SCOTUS’s 'original' jurisdiction is for disputes between states that can’t be resolved elsewhere," he explained. "Successful intervention by another party would prove that the dispute *could* be resolved elsewhere -- and that there’s nothing unique about Texas’s claims."