Trump snarls at 'do nothing' Bill Barr in attack on Justice Department
Attorney General Bill Barr (screengrab).

On Saturday, outgoing President Donald Trump angrily took to Twitter to lash out at Attorney General William Barr, saying that he will "do nothing" about "spying" and "treason" committed against him, and that the Biden administration will "kill" any hope of investigation because Barr "took too long."

The president has frequently accused civil servants at the FBI of "treason" against him — a crime that is narrowly defined in the Constitution as aiding the enemy in wartime. He has not provided any evidence that there was a conspiracy against him, let alone that it constitutes treason.

Barr has been one of the president's most aggressive partisan loyalists. However, his acknowledgement he can't do anything about the results of the election has earned him wrath from Trump in recent days.