Trump supporters harass Brian Kemp’s daughter over her dead ex-boyfriend
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is campaigning for governor (Facebook)

Supporters of President Donald Trump have taken their harassment campaign against Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to new lows.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Trump-loving conspiracy theorists have moved beyond just targeting Kemp and are now going after his entire family.

While speaking with reporters on Thursday, Kemp revealed that some Trump fans had been sending hateful messages to his 19-year-old daughter, Lucy Kemp, featuring conspiracy theories about her longtime boyfriend Harrison Deal, who died in a traffic accident earlier this month.

“It has gotten ridiculous -- from death threats, [accusations of] bribes from China, the social media posts that my children are getting,” Kemp explained. “We have the 'no crying in politics rule' in the Kemp house. But this is stuff that, if I said it, I would be taken to the woodshed and would never see the light of day."

Kemp also told reporters that any Trump supporters upset about the 2020 election need to leave his family out of it and take up their complaints with him directly.

"If anybody has an issue with something I’ve done, they need to come see me and I’ll talk to them about it," he said. "They don’t need to bother my wife or my children or anybody."