Trump witness at Rudy's Michigan hearing demands photo ID because 'all Chinese look alike'
Rudy Giuliani's fake voter fraud hearing (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's latest election fraud "hearing" in Michigan brought together a motley crew of witnesses including one woman who went off on a rant about photo ID.

Michigan requests a photo ID but doesn't mandate it to vote. But that isn't enough for one woman who said it's necessary to tell Chinese people apart.

"I think all Chinese look alike, so how would you tell?" she asked.

If the woman at the hearing has a hard time telling the difference between Chinese people, she may also have trouble looking at a photo of a person and telling if they're the same person on the ID. Voter rolls also don't have photos of the voter included in them.

She claimed that anyone could vote under her name, and no one would know. Interestingly, that rarely happens in the United States. Cases of voter fraud are so rare, in fact, that they always get caught and charged with a federal crime that includes prison.

She never clarified what photo ID had to do with Rudy Giuliani's lawsuit in Michigan alleging voter fraud.

See the video below: