CNN's Don Lemon finds a key flaw in Frank Luntz's plan to take down Trump
Republican pollster Frank Luntz. (Fox News screenshot)

Pollster Frank Luntz on Thursday went on CNN to discuss his multipoint plan for a Republican candidate to take down former President Donald Trump.

However, CNN host Don Lemon pointed out a key flaw in the plan, which is that it involves convincing Republican primary voters of facts.

At one point during the presentation, Luntz suggested that Trump was vulnerable to charges that he spent his presidency gouging taxpayers for pricey trips to his own golf resorts, despite the fact that Trump regularly criticized former President Barack Obama for golfing too much during the 2016 presidential campaign.

'We have the example of Donald Trump criticizing Barack Obama for spending so much time playing golf when Trump was on the golf course, four times or five times more often at a cost of $150 million to hardworking taxpayers," he said. "They don't like that!"

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However, Lemon countered that Republican primary voters simply won't believe this line of attack, even though it is true.

"But Republican voters and Donald Trump supporters never saw that," he said. "They actually believe... that Barack Obama played more golf when it was exactly opposite of reality."

Luntz acknowledged to Lemon that this would present a potent challenge for any Republican rival.

"You have to show them, you have to prove it, which is tough," Luntz said.

Watch the video below or at this link.

Lemon finds a key flaw in Frank Luntz's plan to take down