'Murderers!' Video shows deranged anti-vaxxer violently attacking COVID workers in California

Newly released video shows an anti-vaxxer violently attacking COVID-19 clinic workers in California.

The incident occurred Dec. 30 in Tustin, outside a clinic operated in a parking lot by Families Together of Orange County.

The suspect, identified as 43-year-old Thomas Apollo, reportedly called the clinic workers "murderers." Apollo grew angrier after a security guard asked him to wear a mask, accusing workers of being complicit in a COVID-19 "hoax" and saying he was "not a sheep."

"In the recording, as a worker approaches the suspect, Apollo throws his first blow, hitting an employee," ABC Channel 7 reported Saturday. "Others, including patients, step in to help as one worker pinned under Apollo takes several punches. That employee, who didn't want to go on camera, was still recovering Friday and is back to work after receiving emergency medical care."

Parsia Jahanbani, one of the clinic staff members, told the Los Angeles Times it took five people, including two patients, to pry Apollo off the victim.

"It took seven police officers roughly 15 minutes to restrain Apollo, who was 'irate and shouting profanities,' Jahanbani said," according to the Times.

Alexander Rossel, chief executive of Families Together, said Apollo "was shocked with stun guns about three times and that the police were left with scratches on their arms from the encounter."

"The medical assistant was taken to the emergency room and returned to work Tuesday looking like 'a boxer after a fight,'" according to Rossel.

Apollo was arrested on suspicion of battery and resisting arrest, before being released from jail the following day.

"With his staff on edge and increased security at his clinic, Rossel said they will continue doing their job and hopes those in the judicial system do theirs," Channel 7 reports.

"I just hope and pray that the full extent of the law is pressed onto this individual because this cannot be an example for other people to just get away to come and attack the health care workers," Rossel said.

Watch below.