Leaked memo indicates Koch Industries is finally exiting from Russia
David Koch, brother of Charles Koch. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Multiple high-profile American companies have left Russia ever since the country launched an unprovoked invasion of neighboring Ukraine -- but Koch Industries steadfastly held on despite Russia being hit with brutal economic sanctions.

However, that now is apparently changing.

Popular Info reporter Judd Legum has obtained an internal memo sent by Koch Industries CEO Dave Robertson indicating that the company's subsidiary, Guardian Glass, will cease its operations in Russia.

"Sanctions announced in early April, combined with the Russian government's response and other actions, have made conditions untenable... to continue operations in Russia," Robertson wrote. "As a result, Guardian has asked its Russian employees to shut down the two glass plants."

Robertson then details how Russian authorities threatened employees with arrest if they shut down the plants, while also threatening to seize and nationalize the company's assets.

"As a company and as individuals, we have consistently condemned Russia's action and remain united in support of all employees and others who are harmed by this terrible war," he concluded.

Read the full memo below.

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