WATCH: Conservative 'People's Convoy' chased from neighborhood by kids throwing eggs
YouTube screenshot

According to a report by the San Francisco Gate, a conservative trucker convoy traveling through a Bay Area neighborhood was showered with eggs thrown by locals instead of being showered with applause.

The report notes that the so-called "People's Convoy" was formed to protest "Democratic Assemblymember Buffy Wicks’ East Bay home to protest her support of an abortion rights bill," but made the mistake of traveling down a road where they were egged and taunted as they drove through, leading to some confrontations after some of the truckers stopped to get in shouting matches.

The report states, "Livestreams posted by convoy participants show police arriving to protect Wicks’ home, which eventually prompted the group to move on. It was here they made their mistake, driving onto busy, one-lane College Avenue on the Berkeley-Oakland border. There, slowed down by the usual Friday afternoon traffic, they were sitting ducks outside the Safeway. A large group of kids, armed with eggs purchased at the grocery store, began pelting the convoy."

"A few ill-advised convoy drivers had their windows rolled down, resulting in eggs splattering the insides of their vehicles. Passersby watched in confusion and amusement, with some adults stopping to cheer on the kids," the Gate's Katie Dowd wrote, adding, "Furious truckers then drove out of town, heading back on the highway toward their base in Sacramento. According to CB radio captured by the livestream audio, truckers complained about needing to wash their vehicles and seemed shocked at how poorly received they were by locals."

Watch the video below from Twitter after being posted to YouTube by Rise Images: