8Chan founder in fear for his life after QAnon believers use his own site to make violent threats
QAnon supporters (Shutterstock)

The man who founded website 8Chan and dreamed of making it a "free speech utopia" is now living in fear for his life after QAnon believers hijacked his creation and turned it against him.

Vice News reports that 8Chan founder Fred Brennan is now in hiding after current owner Jim Watkins, the father of QAnon influencer and failed congressional candidate Ron Watkins, put a bounty on his head after Brennan leveled criticisms at the website he created.

“I do know where he lives and I do know the folks that will do the rendition back to the Philippines,” Watkins said recently, and he has officially offered $17,000 for anyone who will kidnap Brennan and send him to the Philippines, where he lived for six years until 2020.

Brennan, who has been confined to a wheelchair most of his life after being born with brittle bone disease, tells Vice News that Watkins' threats against him have only intensified in recent months.

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"Every month it gets worse and every month he does more," said Brennan, who added that law enforcement officials so far have done nothing to get Watkins to stop making what he views as very credible threats.

Brennan also admits to Vice News that he regrets having ever created 8Chan, while acknowledging that his vision of creating a platform of near total free speech with no moderation has gone horribly awry.

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