alec baldwin set of rust

New videos on the set of the movie "Rust" have been released showing actor Alec Baldwin rehearsing with the gun he was given, TMZ and the Daily Beast reported Monday.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office revealed what they say are all of the videos they obtained as part of their investigation into how cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed on set.

TMZ released officer body camera footage showing a concerned Baldwin asking for someone to "tell me what to do." As well as asking about Hutchins, "What's her story?"

While Hutchins' husband said that Baldwin has been "very supportive," he also said that the set was "reckless." He said that Baldwin never wanted to use props for anything because he wanted them to look real like real guns and real knives. That said, the gun was supposed to have blanks in it and somehow had one live round.

Videos released also showed the violent scene inside the church set as Hutchins was fighting for her life.

The police video shows the conversation about where she was shot and the details. According to those paramedics on the scene, she was shot in the right side and it went across her chest and then exited. They also requested an air flight at that point. Paramedics could be heard asking Hutchins to breathe deeply while Souza was shouting and cursing about his shoulder.

In another video, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the woman in charge of the weapons, felt like it was her fault, lamenting "I just f*cked up my career" as Hutchins lay dying.

See videos below:

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