Alex Jones receives $1 million in Bitcoin after his companies filed for bankruptcy: report
Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (screengrab)

Less than one week after filing for bankruptcy, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reportedly received a windfall in cryptocurrency.

The Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Watch reported Friday that an unidentified person donated over $ 1 million in Bitcoin on April 23 to an address listed on Jones' Infowars website.

Three companies owned by Jones — Infowars, Infowars Health, and Prison Planet TV — filed for bankruptcy on April 18.

"Sandy Hook families filed a motion on April 6 claiming that Jones moved his funds to shell companies in order to avoid paying money he owes in compensation for the historic defamation case. The court found the Infowars chief liable for damages after he repeatedly claimed that the 2012 shooting rampage, which killed six adults and 20 primary school children, never happened," Hate Watch reported.

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On April 27, Jones transferred out $1,387,673.19 worth of Bitcoin.

"Cryptocurrency represents just a fraction of Jones’ estimated fortune. Hatewatch reported on April 6 of this year that Jones drove significant traffic to his Infowars store while pushing the 'Stop the Steal' campaign that ultimately evolved into an attack on the U.S. Capitol. Hatewatch reported in March 2021 that Jones had boasted to a videographer about making $60 million in 2018, while also mocking Trump and his own fans. Records first obtained by HuffPost demonstrated the plausibility of the quip, showing Jones’ e-commerce website made $165 million from 2015 to 2018," Hate Watch reported.

On Thursday, The New York Times reported on Jones' effort to protect his fortune.

"Mr. Jones portrays himself as a fearless truth teller, defending the First Amendment against government efforts to silence him. But his responses to the Jan. 6 investigation and the Sandy Hook lawsuits suggest he is chiefly interested in protecting his livelihood," the newspaper reported. "Mr. Jones, who broadcasts his conspiracy theories alongside ads selling diet supplements, doomsday prepper gear, videos and other goods aimed toward his listeners’ distrust of government, reaped revenues of $56 million in 2021, one of his lawyers estimated last week."

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