Alex Jones launches bizarre and desperate effort to drag Hillary Clinton into Sandy Hook lawsuits
InfoWars host Alex Jones. (Image via screengrab)

InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones wants to drag Hillary Clinton into the lawsuits filed against him by the families of slain children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which he claimed was a false flag operation.

The right-wing conspiracy monger faces multiple civil cases related to his claims about the 2012 massacre, but his attorneys have asked a judge to order Clinton to sit for a deposition in court filings that imply she might be involved in funding or organizing the lawsuits, reported The Daily Beast.

"The defendants in this case believe that this suit was filed six years after the shootings at Sandy Hook as part of a vendetta inspired, orchestrated and directed in whole or in part by Hillary Clinton as part of a vendetta to silence Alex Jones after Ms. Clinton lost the presidential race to Donald J. Trump," reads the motion filed by Jones' attorneys. "The litigation is brought and pursued in bad faith as part of a partisan effort to silence Mr. Jones for reasons wholly independent of the merits of the plaintiffs' claims."

One of his attorneys filed the Clinton motion halfway into a 13-hour deposition of a Sandy Hook plaintiff, and cites as evidence of the conspiracy a Sandy Hook relative's speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention who was "praised" by the party's nominee -- but the families' attorneys dismissed the filing as "unnecessary and frivolous."

"It appears to be a publicity stunt in service of a new conspiracy theory by Alex Jones filed for the abusive purpose of deposing a highly prominent person who has no relation to this case," the plaintiffs wrote in one filing.