Alex Jones says judge in his trial 'demonically possessed' and part of 'cult'
The Alex Jones Show/screen grab

Embattled conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Tuesday said that the judge who is trying a case against him was "demonically possessed" and part of a "cult."

For the second day this week, Jones skipped portions of his Austin trial, which will determine damages after a judge found him guilty for defaming victims of the Sandy Hook massacre.

Instead, Jones blasted Judge Maya Guerra Gamble and the attorneys on his internet broadcast.

"It's demonic," Jones said at the top of his show. "They all act demonically possessed, the judge, the lawyers, it's surreal to be around them."

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"And it makes you feel sorry for them because these people are committed a cult ideology of the New World Order and they're never going to stop," he added. "They're getting rid of all the checks and balances, all of our basic freedoms. They've gutted the border, they're promoting pedophilia everywhere."

"They have been turned loose," Jones said. "When I talk about 'they' I mean the general crazed mob of the left."

In the next segment, Jones mocked Gamble as "goblinish."

"I finally got to see a real goblin," he laughed. "This is a giant exercise in raping our freedom."

Some reports indicated that Jones would testify in his own defense later in the day.

Watch the video below from The Alex Jones Show.

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