Alex Jones' latest conspiracy links Kanye West and 'eugenicist super Nazis'
InfoWars founder Alex Jones (Shutterstock)

Alex Jones, during his “InfoWars” show last week, claimed that “eugenicist super Nazis” were behind his controversial interview with Kanye West, Rolling Stone reports.

Tim Dickinson writes for the outlet that the far-right talk show host claimed that the interview in which Ye professed his love for Hitler was part of a broader conspiracy to make the rapper ‘into a pawn by a tyrannical elite whose dark ambitions make 'Hitler look like a lightweight.'"

Jones turned to the topic of Kanye after falsely claiming the Anti-Defamation League was enlisted by the “New World Order crowd," which he falsely claimed sought to impose “a biomedical, mad scientist, de-population tyranny” and had “hired leftist groups like the ADL to be their front,” as part of a “false flag” operation.

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“We have to transcend that, and not become Kanye West — who I’m not attacking,” Jones warned his viewers, “but obviously has been sucked into the paradigm.”

Jones claimed the New World Order cabal may have used West’s legal issues surrounding his taxes to “go around and try to set people up — like he did that day, sitting here in that chair next to me,” Jones said, snapping and pointing at where Ye had been seated when the rapper declared, “I like Hitler.”

Dickinson contends that the bizarre conspiracy theory may signal Jones trying to distance himself from West’s remarks.

“I love everybody,” Jones said.

“I love the Muslims. I love the Jews. I love the Christians … I love the agnostics and the atheist…I really don’t want to see us all destroyed together.

“I really don’t want to see this planetary-collapse into hell world.”

Jones’ statement appears to have caused a kerfuffle in far-right circles. Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, who joined Jones during the Dec. 22 broadcast and was working for West at the time wrote on Telegram that “Alex Jones wasn’t set up" and called Jones’ statement a “flat-out lie.”

“I know Alex doesn’t agree with us on the Jews or Hitler, which is… what it is," Fuentes said. “But he has been mischaracterizing that interview for the last 6 months, insinuating that we were there to sabotage his show, which is a malicious, a-s-saving lie."

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