Trump rages at report that Mar-a-Lago security being boosted: 'Not going to have guests strip searched'
Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally at the Canyon Moon Ranch festival grounds on Jan. 15, 2022, in Florence, Arizona. - Mario Tama/Getty Images North America/TNS

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday raged at a report from the Associated Press earlier this week that staff at his Mar-a-Lago club would boost their security screening for guests after they let Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes in to have dinner with him.

Writing on Truth Social, Trump argued that the security protocols at Mar-a-Lago were just fine and that any reports suggesting otherwise were "fake news."

"The story in AP, written by the untalented and very unreliable Jill Colvin, who I unfortunately got to know at the White House, is Fake News," the former president wrote. "We have very strong security, especially with the extremely talented Secret Service Agents on premises, but when I know someone, as I did Ye, we’re not going to have my guests strip searched, thrown against walls, and otherwise physically beaten. The anonymous sources don’t exist. Stories to the contrary are FAKE NEWS!"

In reality, security concerns about Mar-a-Lago didn't only arise when Fuentes got through, as a Russian national posing as a phony heiress also gained access to the club on multiple occasions.

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Such security concerns are particularly relevant given that Trump also stashed top-secret government documents at his resort and refused to return them even when served a lawful subpoena requesting that he do so.