'I don't believe in witchcraft, but...': Alex Jones' childhood pals recall his 'talking in tongues'
Infowars host Alex Jones. (Screenshot)

As part of a documentary on far-right personality Alex Jones, CNN's Drew Griffin interviewed a former football coach and a school friend who recalled a young Jones' more bizarre characteristics.

After a group of former colleagues of Jones claimed that the host was nothing more than a fraud, his childhood friend recalled Jones being obsessed with Satan, and at times, he claimed, seemed like he was possessed.

"He would talk in tongues a lot and get into these trances," said Bo Durham, who grew up with Jones outside of Dallas, Texas.

Football coach and teacher Randy Talley described unusual actions of Jones as a desperate need for attention.

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"I don't believe in witchcraft or hocus pocus or anything like that. But he could turn his tongue black and mouth black and he would stick his tongue out and shake his head as though he were possessed," Talley said.

It was a tactic that Durham echoed.

"He could turn his tongue black. I saw him do that on a couple of occasions," Durhan said.

"You're the second person who has told me this. I don't get it," said CNN's Griffin.

I don't either," agreed Durham. "You would have to be really spun up and in that — kind of in that state where he was really upset. He would stick that tongue out and it would literally go black."

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Jones tells a story about his youth, saying that he had to leave their hometown because they had a town meeting about drugs. Jones recalled to his viewers that he saw police officers in the school auditorium that he knew were drug dealers. He claims that he pointed to them, saying that he witnessed the cop selling cocaine and ecstasy (MDMA). Jones claims that he was hauled into a police office where they rammed his head into a wall and threatened to kill him.

The incident never happened, according to Talley.

"That's the furthest thing from the truth..." Talley said, laughing in disbelief. "I can unequivocally deny that that ever happened."

As Talley described it, Jones actually got into a fight with another student named Jared Morrow. Jones performed what is generally known in wrestling as a piledriver. He ultimately gave a kid a concussion and nine fractures to his skull. As an adult, Morrow said that the cracks won't heal. The Jones family then fled the city.

"I saw Jared's feet go up in the air and I saw Alex drop down," said Talley. "And he, ya know, pile-drived him. As far as fights go that was the most brutal that I had seen."

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