Former Alex Jones colleagues say his schtick is a 'sham'
Alex Jones (Photo via Shutterstock)

CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin produced a special that delves into what helped build right-wing personality Alex Jones. But at the start of the documentary, those close to Jones, who worked with him on InfoWars and with joint projects, claimed that everything Jones does is fake.

He began his career 30 years ago, on a fledging radio show and public access channel.

"Filmmaker Calen Robertson appeared repeatedly on Jones' show and made a documentary with him before realizing it was all a sham," said Griffin, introducing Robertson.

"I felt like I was doing the right thing," Robertson said. "Like I felt like I was on the side of truth."

In a bitter 2017 divorce, Jones told the court, under oath, that he was a good parent to his children and that his on-air persona was nothing more than a "character." After that story became news, Jones recorded a video while driving to court to swear to followers that he was the real deal.

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Robert Jacobson was another colleague who worked with Jones, featured in the CNN special report. After 13 years, he couldn't take it anymore.

"He will just lie, straight up lie, like nothing is going on, like it's real," said Jacobson. "And the issue with that, is that a lot of people believe him."

Josh Owens, who edited videos for Jones for four years said that he isn't sure whether Jones believes what he says or not, but the danger is that his followers believe it.

Mark Bankston serves as the attorney for Sandy Hook victims' families, who Jones targeted, resulting in threats and attacks on the families who'd lost children.

"There were so many people who said, 'With Jones if you just ignore it, it will go away,'" Bankston said. "In order to grow, he didn't need any of the mainstream's culture's attention as long as he had that bubble that was allowed to grow and fester uninterrupted. That's what made him a major cultural force so ignoring him did nothing to him."

See the opener of the CNN special report below or at this link.

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