'My son existed': Sandy Hook parent tears into Alex Jones at trial
Alex Jones (Photo via Shutterstock).

On Tuesday, NBC News reported that Scarlett Lewis, a mother who lost her son at Sandy Hook Elementary, confronted far-right InfoWars webcaster Alex Jones at trial today.

"On Tuesday at the trial, Lewis spoke to the incendiary host directly, looking him in the face as he sat next to his defense attorney and frequently squirmed in his chair," reported Danielle Campoamor. "'I wanted to tell you, to your face, because I wanted you to know that I am a mother, first and foremost. I know that you’re a father,' Lewis told Jones. 'And my son existed. You’re still on your show, today, trying to say that I am — implying — that I’m an actress. That I’m ‘Deep State.’ You have. This week. And I don’t understand.'"

"Without wavering as she testified Tuesday, Lewis told Jones that the truth is 'vital to our world' and 'what we base our reality on,'" the report continued.

"'We have to agree on that to have a civil society,' she continued. 'Sandy Hook is a hard truth. A hard truth. Nobody would want to ever believe that (20) kids could be murdered. Nobody would ever want to believe that. I understand people not wanting to believe that, actually — I don't want to believe it.'"

Jones has repeatedly claimed, on his program, that the Sandy Hook mass shooting was staged by the government using child actors and no one was really killed there.

He was found liable for defamation over the false claims last year, and the current trial is to assess the damages he owes, which could be up to $150 million. Today's trial proceedings went poorly for Jones, with the judge scolding him for lying.

"Jones has acknowledged that the shooting did actually happen," noted the report. "But in a deposition in April, Jones said he does not accept responsibility for the pain Sandy Hook families endured because of his lies, because, he said in transcripts made public, he 'wasn’t trying to cause pain and suffering.' Instead, he argued that the families are 'being used and their children who can’t be brought back (are) being used to destroy the First Amendment,' according to publicly released court documents."

The parent company of InfoWars filed for bankruptcy last week ahead of the trial conclusion — the second time Jones has attempted to use such protections.