Trump and his right-wing allies wanted a film record of the insurrection -- and that evidence is being used against them
Trump supporters rioting at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. (

At least three documentary film crews were at the scene of the Jan. 6 insurrection, where many of the participants also recorded video of themselves and others storming the U.S. Capitol.

The House select committee has already heard testimony from documentary filmmaker Nick Quested, who was given access to the Proud Boys, and a second British filmmaker, Alex Holder, agreed to turn over footage he recorded of Donald Trump and his inner circle in the weeks before the riot -- but a third filmmaker was also present that day, reported the Washington Post.

“The scope of the movie is about Alex’s career," said filmmaker Alex Lee Moyer, who was making a documentary about conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. "It’s not about his personal life. It’s not like tabloid-y."

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Moyer had been identified by the website Jezebel as a pro-Trump protester before she completed her film, because she didn't want to make public what she was working on at that point, but it doesn't appear that she has been subpoenaed and the select committee did not respond to a request for comment.

"What makes the work of the known documentary filmmakers useful isn’t necessarily what they saw on Jan. 6 but what they saw on the days prior and following," wrote Washington Post columnist Philip Bump. "The House committee doesn’t just want Holder’s footage from Capitol Hill; it wants to know what Trump et al said at other points, too. Among Quested’s contributions to the probe was footage from a meeting between the Proud Boys and the right-wing extremist group Oath Keepers on Jan. 5. And who knows what Moyer might have been privy to."

Their behind-the-scenes footage helps flesh out the thousands of hours of recordings made by the rioters themselves, giving investigators an almost unprecedented trove of evidence about the insurrection.

"Never before has a criminal event been so thoroughly committed to film," Bump wrote. "For prominent participants, though, this impulse was simply outsourced. Trump’s team, the Proud Boys and Jones all wanted a record of what they were up to. They were just prominent enough that they didn’t have to live-stream to Facebook. They could have someone else capture it."

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