Alex Murdaugh didn't cry when officers showed up to the murder scene of his family: prosecutors
Disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh pleads not guilty to the slayings of his wife and son

Disgraced former high-powered South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh showed no tears when police arrived at the murder scene of his family, prosecutors said at his trial on Thursday, according to The Daily Beast.

"The first prosecutorial witnesses in the highly anticipated murder trial, several Colleton County Sheriff’s Office first responders walked jurors through body-cam footage of the murder scene at the dog kennels at the Murdaugh estate. The public and media were only allowed to hear the footage on Thursday after both sides asked for only the jury to watch the video due to its graphic nature," reported Pilar Melendez. "As Sgt. Daniel Greene described the pools of blood 'as well as brain matter' around Paul and Maggie’s bodies, Murdaugh was seen at the defense table with his head down crying and shaking his head."

Murdaugh’s face, noted the report, "was notably flushed red and he wiped his tears throughout the morning testimony with a wadded-up tissue as jurors watched the footage, in which barking and howling from several dogs in the kennels could be heard in the background."

However, "Murdaugh’s emotional reaction on Thursday was notable, given it was starkly different than the reaction he displayed to Green and the other officers when he arrived at the crime scene after 10 p.m., about two hours after prosecutors allege the murders occurred," said the report. "'[Alex Murdaugh] was upset but I did not see any visible tears,' Green said on Thursday, adding that Murdaugh was 'nervous, anxious and upset.'"

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Murdaugh, who comes from a powerful and well-connected family, already faced separate charges for fraud before the murder case, in an alleged scheme he arranged with a man to fake his shooting death and trigger a $10 million insurance payout to his surviving son.

At the beginning of the case, defense attorneys asked the judge not to bring up "blood spatter" evidence. Prosecutors have already introduced as-yet-unreleased evidence this week, including a blue raincoat Murdaugh wore to his parents' house just after the murders that was covered in gunshot residue.