'Stop the Steal' organizer caught on video telling Proud Boys and Oath Keepers he would work with them: CNN
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According to a report from CNN's KFiles, "Stop the Steal" organizer Ali Alexander promised members of the right-wing Oath Keepers and Proud Boys that he would work with them during the rally on Jan 6th.

The report notes that that video and others mysteriously disappeared from Periscope, but not before they were viewed by CNN investigators.

According to the report, "In previously unreported videos from the social media platform Periscope reviewed by CNN's KFile, Ali Alexander, a leader of the 'Stop the Steal' rally and a central figure in the House select committee's investigation of January 6, said he would reach out to the right-wing Proud Boys and Oath Keepers on providing security for the event. Both groups later had members charged in the attack on the Capitol, including conspiracy. Last week, the Justice Department charged the Oath Keepers leader and 10 others with seditious conspiracy related to the attack."

The report quotes Alexander -- who has claimed he has no connection to the groups --telling his audience on a video on Dec 23.2020 -- but labled JAN6 -- "Don't worry, I'm gonna make sure so many people are so safe. It's gonna make your head spin. I'm gonna try to make sure that every 15 minutes -- so that you just know in your head, you don't have to know in a map -- that Metro stops are being patrolled. I'm gonna try to go that deep into it. I'm gonna talk to the Proud Boys. I'm gonna talk to the Oath Keepers and I'm gonna try to get patrols going, okay, of men that go for hours."

In a separate video on Dec 29th, CNN reports, "Alexander said he spoke to the Proud Boys to make sure they had lodging covered for the event after a hotel frequented by the group said it would close in early January temporarily. 'I'll find you a room,' Alexander said in a livestream addressing the camera. 'My team will find you a room. I talked tonight to the Proud Boys to make sure that they were all covered.'"

The report adds that Alexander's attorney, Baron Coleman, told CNN his client "'did not work with the Proud Boys,' saying his 'colorful remarks or exaggerations during playful livestreams contextualize his intentions.' But he said his client did offer to help them find new housing and the Oath Keepers did provide security for several events."

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