Trump attorney Alina Habba in 'judge's sights' after outbursts in courtroom
Trump attorney Alina Habba (Screen cap via Fox News)

Buried in a report on the troubles attorneys for Donald Trump are running into as judges slap aside their arguments in a series of blistering rulings, is a mention that one of the former president's lawyers in particular is on thin ice with both the judges she appears before and her colleagues on Trump's legal team.

With the Daily Beast's Jose Pagliery reporting that delaying tactics employed by Trump's lawyers are being shot down as "frivolous" at best, the Beast correspondent noted that attorney Alina Habba appears the closest to being sanctioned -- not only over her time-wasting motions -- but also over her demeanor in the courtroom.

In March of last year, the Beast reported that Habba is not popular with the rest of Trump's legal team, with one confessing, '"What the f--- is she doing?’ is probably the most common question we asked about her.”

Add to that, last September, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen said of her, "Alina is possibly the last lawyer on the planet that should be out there right now defending this grotesque possession of national security secrets at Mar-a-Lago."

The new report suggests that the lawyers working with her are also fed up with her grandstanding before the judge in an apparent attempt to catch the eye of her client who reportedly prefers his lawyers to be combative.

That combativeness may end up costing her in the long run with Justice Arthur F. Engoron.

"On Wednesday, he cautioned Trump’s lawyers to stop putting forth the same rejected arguments in an email that warned he was 'considering imposing sanctions for frivolous litigation,'" the report states before noting, "Habba in particular has found herself in this judge’s sights, after repeatedly trading barbs with him in court in a manner rarely seen in the profession—frequently interrupting him on the bench, accusing him of unfairly siding against the former president, and making snide remarks about his law clerk."

Pagliery added, "It’s gotten so heated at times that her own colleagues on Trump’s legal team have quietly criticized her for putting on a show better fitted for nighttime cable news programs than the courtroom. (She has since become one of Trump’s attack dogs on right-wing TV channels like Newsmax and One America News Network.)"

According to New York University law school professor Stephen Gillers, Habba is putting her career on the line.

"The lawyers have to worry not only about monetary sanctions, which may not be as much of a worry, but also court discipline that can lead to a public censure, license suspension or disbarment," he explained.

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