Trump lawyer quietly settles workplace hostility lawsuit alleging racist conduct: report
Alina Habba (Newsmax screenshot)

According to a report from the Daily Beast's Jose Pagliery, one of Donald Trump's key attorneys has settled a long-running hostile workplace lawsuit with one of her former employees while she has been battling the Department of Justice searching her client's Mar-a-Lago resort.

Alina Habba, who went from obscurity to being the face of Trump's legal representation on conservative news outlets as he pushes back at a possible Espionage Act and/or an obstruction investigation, was accused of racist conduct by an employee who finally quit in frustration.

According to the lawsuit Habba was accused of using the N-word in the office, called New York Attorney General Letitia James a "Black b*tch" in frustration, and blasted offensive music in the office, claimed her former legal secretary Na’syia Drayton.

According to the Daily Beast report, it is "unclear how much Habba paid to settle the matter, if anything," adding, "Secretly recorded audio tapes from inside Habba’s office appear to have played a role in pushing the lawsuit into out-of-court negotiations, according to that source. Habba’s firm never even filed an answer to the initial lawsuit in court."

Pagliery reported, "Her legal secretary, Na’syia Drayton, quit in frustration on Trump’s birthday and sued a few weeks later on July 19. Given the firm’s small size, this low-level administrative employee regularly handled office paperwork—everything ranging from business records to correspondence—putting her in a uniquely damaging position."

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According to the lawsuit, "Habba began parading around the office seething about the judge, and complaining that she had lost her argument. Drayton was appalled about the racist remarks made about the Attorney General, Letitia James, and felt astonished that her supervisor, [Habba], felt comfortable and entitled to make such statements in the workplace, in her presence.”

The Beast notes that Drayton claimed she was suffering from panic attacks, which led to her "to isolate herself off from the few coworkers she had at the office—including Habba and her law firm partner, Michael Madaio. The lawsuit also claimed Habba noticed and called Drayton into her office, where the boss questioned whether the secretary was still a 'good fit' for the office—to which Drayton responded by blaming the whole thing on simply being too uncomfortably cold at the office."

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