Trump lawyer blows off witness protection concerns and demands to know who spilled beans on documents
Trump gestures as he addresses a press conference at the Lotte Palace Hotel. (

Alina Habba, an attorney representing former President Donald Trump, blew off concerns about witness protection this week and demanded to know the names of people who spilled the beans to the Department of Justice about top secret documents being stashed at Mar-a-Lago.

During an appearance on Newsmax, Habba called for the DOJ to reveal all its cards in its probe of the former president, who is facing a criminal investigation for potentially violating the Espionage Act.

"The president's position, the same as what I would advise him, is to ask them to uncover everything so that we can see what is going on," she said. "I understand the witness protection issue, but at the same time, these witnesses are truly not going to be concealed for very long."

In fact, the witnesses will only be revealed if the DOJ decides to press criminal charges against Trump, as the government will then be forced to give Trump's attorneys the unredacted affidavit that was used to justify the Mar-a-Lago search warrant.

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Habba, however, suggested that the law enforcement agencies would leak out the names of the witnesses, despite the fact that such a leak would be beneficial to Trump's lawyers and could jeopardize cooperation from other potential witnesses in the case.

"It's in the best interest so that the country can get comfortable to see what the basis was, especially from someone who was cooperating," she claimed.

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