Bakari Sellers schools conservative in heated CNN panel discussion over Alito's Roe v Wade opinion
Bakari Sellers, Carrie Severino (CNN screenshots)

During a panel discussion on CNN's "State of the Union," CNN contributor Bakari Sellers confronted a conservative activist after she blithely attempted to dismiss concerns about an upcoming Supreme Court ruling that appears will overturn Roe v Wade after almost fifty years and could lead to other rulings being gutted.

With host Jake Tapper moderating, Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network, a dark money group credited with helping Republicans pack the courts with far-right lawyers, claimed the leaked draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito is the right call because abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution.

That led the panel consisting of two liberals and two conservatives to talk over each other before Sellers and Severino took over.

"If Americans want to pass a constitutional amendment, that's great," Severino insisted. "But there are a lot of states like California and New York that are doing the opposite. Maybe more protections than Roe provided. The American people will be able to decide how to balance this."

"Respectfully that comes with a certain privilege," Sellers interjected. "Because the Constitution doesn't discuss a lot of things. The Constitution doesn't discuss me being fully human, a full part of this country. The Constitution doesn't discuss a lot of things."

"The amended Constitution does," Severino shot back.

"There's a certain privilege that goes along with this theory that the Constitution protects all of us and we should leave it alone," Sellers continued. "What [co-panelist] Hilary [Rosen] is talking about is so true; Black and Brown women, poor people who live in Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas are not going to have access to quality health care. White women who have the ability and means to travel across state lines will."

"Abortions are not going to disappear. Abortions are going to become less safe, and that's dangerous," he added.

Watch below:

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