Trump Org paid for CFO's grandchildren prep-school with Trump-signed checks: report
Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg/Screenshot

More strange things are becoming known about the Trump Organizations' finances as the ex-daughter-in-law of CFO Allen Weisselberg continues to cooperate with prosecutors.

According to the Wall Street Journal, prosecutors have issued a new subpoena related to the Trump Organization's chief financial officer.

"The subpoena seeks information from Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, where grandchildren of Weisselberg are students," the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. "From 2012 to 2019, more than $500,000 of the children's tuition was paid for with checks signed by either Mr. Weisselberg or Mr. Trump, the two children's mother, Jennifer Weisselberg, told The Wall Street Journal. She is the former wife of Mr. Weisselberg's son, Barry."

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. and his investigators were told that Barry clearly understood that tuition was part of the compensation package from the Trump Organization. He was the man who ran the skating rink in New York City. Prosecutors began looking into the curious salary of Barry Weisselberg in April. He was paid more than $200,000 in salary for running the rink with $40,000 in annual bonuses. The $500,000 in tuition costs is being added to that salary.

"Columbia Prep is a private school of roughly 1,300 prekindergarten through high-school students on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Tuition this academic year ran more than $50,000," the report explained.

Former prosecutors explained to the Wall Street Journal that it's possible the DA office is looking into whether members of the Weisselberg family were evading taxes.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen revealed in an interview that Weisselberg has the receipts on and while he's loyal to the former president, he's far more loyal to his family.

"He's not going to let his boys go to prison," Cohen told The New Yorker in March, "and I don't think he wants to spend his golden years in a correctional institution, either."

The president's niece Mary Trump also agreed, "Allen Weisselberg knows where all the bodies are buried."

So if it appears that Barry Weisselberg might be in legal trouble, he or his father may be willing to make a deal with Vance to avoid prosecution.

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