Former Trump lawyer: Allen Weisselberg is 'stupid' for taking the whole rap
Donald Trump, Allen Weisselberg and Donald Trump Jr. (AFP)

On MSNBC Tuesday, former President Donald Trump's one-time attorney and fixer Michael Cohen slammed Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg for his apparent decision to continue protecting the Trump family.

When he testified at trial as part of his deal, Weisselberg gave up a number of damning details, including that Trump authorized his tax fraud and asset inflation, and that the Trump Organization didn't really fire him when although they publicly claimed they fired him for legal reasons. However, he also refused to claim Trump and his company benefited from the fraud itself — something Cohen, who himself went to prison for tax fraud on Trump's behalf, dismissed as ridiculous.

"Allen Weisselberg testified as the star witness by the prosecution," said anchor Katie Phang. "He was supposed to testify truthfully. I emphasize that, truthfully. He fell on the sword. Telling the jury it was all for me. It benefitted me. It did not benefit the Trump Organization. Are you buying what Weisselberg is selling?"

"Not in the slightest," said Cohen. "He's stupid for doing what he's doing. He's a 76 year old man that's looking at particularly 15 years of incarceration if he lies to the prosecutors, if he lies to anybody during this trial. If that's the statements he made — again, I haven't be had an opportunity to read the entire transcript — but if that's what he's saying, then he looks like he could be doing some serious time, because that's a blatant lie. First of all, how is it that the Trump Organization was not benefitting? How is it Donald Trump — it's his company. Any benefit that comes to the Trump Organization is realized by Donald. He's the single and only shareholder in the company."

Ultimately, Cohen continued, the fact Weisselberg is still trying to take the fall means that "we need to find out what it is that Donald is doing for them in order to get them to fall on the sword."

"Of course, it's money. What else would either of them want?" Cohen added. "But it's a stupid play by Allen, considering it's so obvious and the information that the district attorney already has. Don't forget, I've seen much of that."

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Michael Cohen says Allen Weisselberg is "stupid" taking fall for Trump