GOP's Allen West involved in physical altercation over masks inside Texas airport

Texas gubernatorial hopeful Allen West was involved in a physical altercation with another man who asked him to wear a mask at the Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport.

The state's Republican Party chairman was approached Wednesday by another man who yelled at him for going without a mask, and West responded by "flicking" the other man's mask off -- and he then raised his fists at West, reported

"This morning at the airport a man starts yelling at me and tells me to put my mask on and calls me an idiot," West tweeted. "I walked over to him and asked if he called me an idiot, he continued to yell at me. I pulled down his mask and said see nothing happened."

"He put up his fists and I walked away," West added. "I did call him a stupid man. I have spoken to DFW PD. Theres' no mask law, nothing has ever passed in the US House and Senate making wearing a mask law."

The Transportation Security Administration currently has a federal requirement for masks to be worn on all transportation networks, including commercial flights, and the Centers for Disease Control recommends masks for unvaccinated people indoors in public spaces.

West, who says he's unvaccinated, was hospitalized last month for COVID-related pneumonia and has publicized unproven therapies for the coronavirus, such as hydroxycholoroquine and ivermectin.

Airport police filed a report on the incident but offered no additional comment.