Trump-loving Virginia candidate attacks her own party and tells followers not to trust its vote counts
Virginia state Sen. Amanda Chase (Image via Facebook)

Trump-loving Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase sent out a message to followers this week attacking the Virginia Republican Party and warning them to not trust the results of its gubernatorial convention ballot counts.

Chase, a Republican candidate for Virginia governor who in the past has been forced to work from inside a plexiglass box over her refusal to obey the state legislature's mask rules, told her followers that the Virginia GOP will not deliver the "proper" results of its own upcoming gubernatorial convention, where she's pitted against six other Republican candidates.

"DO NOT TRUST THE PARTY TO DELIVER ACCURATE RESULTS!" reads the email, which was posted on Twitter by The Virginia Mercury's Graham Moomaw. "Who should you go to for the proper results? Me and my campaign!"

Chase also said her followers would know that the election was fixed if one of her rivals defeated her.

"Another hint to know if the results are fake are if Pete Snyder, who called [former President Donald Trump] a racist, 'wins,'" the email ranted. "If RPV declares him a victor it is FAKE NEWS!"

Chase is no stranger to spouting conspiracy theories about election fraud, as last year she called for the implementation of martial law after the electoral college certified President Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election.