Trump-loving lawmaker forced to sit in plexiglass box for defying Virginia legislature's mask mandate
Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase. (

A Trump-loving Virginia state senator has steadfastly refused to wear a face mask while the state legislature is in session -- and her colleagues have responded by forcing her to sit in a plexiglass box.

The Daily Beast reports reports that Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase has been forced to sit inside a quarantine box that she unironically describes as her "freedom square" because she steadfastly refuses to wear a mask during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Chase's stances on the virus and other issues have made her politically toxic, and she was recently booted out of her local chapter of the Republican Party.

However, even as she has become ideologically and physically isolated from her fellow Virginia Republicans, she has been embraced by a cadre of Trump-loving conspiracy theorists.

"All year, she has stood shoulder to shoulder with members of far-right militant groups and conspiracy movements," reports The Daily Beast. "She's playing the hits for the extremist crowd, lying about the vaccine, knowingly taking donations and 'security' help from neo-Confederate and QAnon-linked extremists, and calling on President Donald Trump to overturn his election loss by declaring martial law."

For good measure, Chase also claims that she is "antifa's No. 1 target" and says that the group has plans to "dismember" her.

Earlier this month, Chase took to Facebook to announce Biden is "not my president" and urge Trump to "declare martial law."

She has also claimed that removing statues of Confederate leaders is part of an effort "to erase all white history."

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