Aide to Trump-loving Virginia candidate brandishes gun during profane 'road rage' incident
Amanda Chase (Screen Grab)

An aide to Trump-loving Virginia gubernatorial candidate Amanda Chase this week brandished a gun at a driver during an alleged "road rage" incident.

The Washington Post reports that Chase was having a conference call in her campaign van with a pro-gun rights group when she was interrupted by what she claimed was an angry driver.

In audio taken from inside the van, one of Chase's aides can be heard threatening the other driver and then brandishing a pistol, which the audio shows made a metallic click sound upon being drawn.

"That'll get your b*tch ass in the car, won't it?!" the aide tells the driver.

Chase then told the pro-gun group on the conference call that she needed a moment to regroup after her aide exercised his Second Amendment rights.

"Speaking of a Second Amendment moment, we just had to -- oh, my goodness -- we are exercising our Second Amendment rights right now [in] our car, where we had somebody road rage, trying to get in front of -- get on us," she said.

Chase, a Virginia state senator who in the past has been forced to work from inside a plexiglass box over her refusal to obey the state legislature's mask rules, confirmed to the Washington Post that it was one of her aides who pulled the gun on the driver.