'Dreadful!' CNBC's Jim Cramer bitterly complains about historic union win at Amazon warehouse
Jim Cramer (CNBC/screen grab)

CNBC host Jim Cramer does not appear enthused about the historic win for organized labor that occurred on Friday when an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island voted to unionize.

While discussing the victory on CNBC, Cramer complained that Amazon will no longer be allowed to order their workers at the Staten Island warehouse to show up whenever they're needed.

"If you can't tell your employees when they work, then you're really not able to have much of an ability to move product," he said. “The unions will be in charge of time that you need to work, and that would be dreadful!"

Cramer did acknowledge unions do exist in other companies and that those companies are still profitable, but he then pivoted back to griping about unions being able to set schedules for workers.

"No one wants to work certain shifts," he said. "So you can just say, 'Listen I'm not going to work that shift.' And Amazon would not be able to say, 'Yes you must work it!' So that's what's at stake with unions."

Cramer also added that "one reason why Amazon works so well is that people must work when Amazon says you must work."

Watch the video below.

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