Sick Republican's wife and brother say prayers aren't enough: 'Please consider placing trust in medical professionals'

The wife of a Wisconsin state senator urged others to overcome their vaccine hesitancy as her husband fights for his life on a ventilator.

State Sen. André Jacque (R-De Pere) remains hospitalized with COVID-induced pneumonia, and his wife issued a statement encouraging others to get vaccinated against the potentially deadly illness, reported WBAY-TV.

"My children and I are filled with humble gratitude for the remarkable, compassionate medical professionals that are working tirelessly to care for André in the hospital," said his wife, Renée Jacque. "Speaking on my family's experience, 5 of our 8 family members tested positive for COVID-19. Of the 3 fully vaccinated people in our family, there was one breakthrough case of COVID-19 with mild symptoms."

The lawmaker's wife said her family's experience should serve as a lesson for anyone who's reluctant to get the shots.

"While vaccination is a personal choice, I ask that those individuals who are eligible and able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine please consider placing their trust in the medical professionals who recommend it," she said. "These professionals, and their peers, are those whom we have also placed our trust in to care for my husband. We are so thankful for the generous outpour of heartfelt well wishes and sincere prayers for Andre and for our family."

Jacque has adamantly opposed vaccine mandates and authored legislation prohibiting government officials or business owners from requiring proof of vaccination, and he also opposed the statewide mask mandate, but his wife and brother both have urged the public to become vaccinated.

"While I appreciate the prayers for my brother and I understand that that's how they feel they're helping," said Pierre Jacque, "I would ask them to, you know, use some of the help that God has already given them to stay out of that same situation."