‘I’m being terrorized’: Woman melts down in court as she faces punishment for threatening Black teenagers

An Ohio woman was sentenced to six months in prison for shouting racial slurs at Black teenagers while menacing them with her car.

Angela Baker, 43, was convicted of two felony charges of ethnic intimidation during the 2020 incident at a Meijer grocery store, The Toledo Blade reports.

Lucas County Judge Lori Olender lectured Baker at sentencing.

“You were driving what the state of Ohio considers a deadly weapon. You were in a running car. Those boys were on foot,” the judge said. “You could have hit either of those boys, whether you wanted to or not because you can’t always control a deadly weapon.”

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Baker reportedly broke down at sentencing.

"On Thursday, Baker raised her voice, broke down in tears, and banged her hands against a table when given the chance to address the judge. 'I’m being terrorized,' the defendant said multiple times," The Blade reported. "The defendant asserted several times Thursday that she believes she has been 'harassed, threatened, and tormented' by Black people over an extended period of time."

The boys' mother, Rebecca Velasquez, accompanied them to court.

“This happened a little after George Floyd was murdered ... Racism is ignorant and should never exist. The color of your skin should never get you killed, hurt, or have you frightened. Let racism die, not our people,” Ms. Velasquez said.

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Police body cam footage shows Baker using the N-word and admitting her role.


Toledo woman charged with ethnic intimidation, aggravated menacing following arrest in Oregon www.youtube.com