Trump should have been 'vaporized' the moment he announced he won: Ann Coulter
Donald Trump makes a concession speech in Iowa (YouTube)

In an email to New York Times columnist Michelle Cottle, conservative gadfly Ann Coulter ramped up her attack on Donald Trump and dragged the former president's daughter and son-in-law into the fight.

Before that she claimed the best thing that could have happened for the GOP would have been for Trump to have been "vaporized" after he was first elected.

Last week, Coulter made waves with a full-throated attack on Trump in a column where she wrote, "No one wants Trump. He’s fading faster than Sarah Palin did — and she was second place on a losing presidential ticket.”

Not content to stop there, she responded to a request for additional comment from Cottle by going off on the president for damaging the Republican Party.

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“Trump accomplished everything he was ever going to accomplish at 2 a.m.” [on election night in 2016] the columnist reported. “The best thing that could have happened to the Republican Party (and the country) would have been for him to be vaporized at the moment he was announcing his victory. Pence would have been afraid to betray Trump’s supporters. Trump wasn’t!”

Continuing in that vein, she attempted to make the case for Florida Gov Ron DeSantis to be the new face of the Republican Party, writing, "DeSantis is better than Trump, for many, many reasons, including: He won’t bring Jared and Ivanka into the White House.”

She then added that she thinks the Florida Republican can dash Trump's hopes of re-election, writing, "He’s mostly just ignoring the 11-year-old. Unlike Trump, DeSantis has a day job.”

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