Florida Republicans turn on MAGA lawmaker as he repeatedly fails to show up for work
Anthony Sabatini on Facebook.

On Tuesday, Florida Politics reported that Republicans in the Florida legislature have grown exasperated with pro-Trump state Rep. Anthony Sabatini over his frequent absences from the legislative session.

"The Howey-in-the-Hills Republican, who is filed to run for Congress in Florida’s 7th Congressional District, has missed a significant portion of the Legislative Session. And he’s the only member of the part-time Legislature to miss so much of the 60-day period when members are expected to show up for votes," reported Jacob Ogles. "Besides earning the new nickname 'Absentini' on social media, more Republicans in his own caucus have started to publicly criticize his unexcused absences."

"'It is difficult to be successful when you never show up to work,' tweeted Rep. Chuck Clemons, a Newberry Republican, who dropped his own nickname for the diminutive lawmaker. 'The only records he has set are the number of missed votes and false claims against fellow Republicans. This guy is the best Democratic operative ever. #Tiniweenisabatini'" continued the report. "Sabatini the other day labeled Clemons, a Deputy Majority Leader in the House, as a 'cuck' online and called for him to face a GOP primary."

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One of the few bits of legislation Sabatini has introduced while in attendance was a bill to rename Florida's longest highway after former President Donald Trump.

Sabatini, who attracted national attention in 2019 after it emerged he wore Blackface in high school as part of what he called a "prank," has for his part ramped up his attacks on fellow GOP lawmakers in recent weeks, calling state House Speaker Chris Sprowls a "RINO [Republican In Name Only] coward" and fellow state Rep. Chris Latvala a "disgusting anti-[Second Amendment] sweaty slob" over the failure to advance a permitless gun carry bill.

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