Woman who chucked dead raccoon at Ohio abortion clinic charged with assaulting police: report
Upset businesswoman fettered with handcuffs in jail. (Shutterstock.com)

An Ohio woman is facing multiple charges following an incident allegedly involving a horribly smelling dead raccoon at one of the state's latest remaining abortion clinics.

"The encounter began in the early afternoon of Aug. 15, when a woman parked in front of the clinic in Cuyahoga Falls, hurling several eggs and the carton at the front door, where several volunteer escorts were gathered," the Akron Beacon Journal reported. "She fled erratically, reversing into the heavily-trafficked State Road intersection before driving forward onto the curb, narrowly missing a clinic escort, according to clinic workers and surveillance footage from the center."

Ohio had a trigger law in effect before the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade. The law lowered the timeframe to receive an abortion from 20 weeks to roughly 6 weeks.

"After Cuyahoga Falls police visited the scene and left, the woman returned about an hour later, according to clinic workers. The surveillance footage shows her crossing State Road on foot with a black bag in her hands, as which point, escorts fled inside the building," the newspaper reported. "The woman then proceeded to hurl the mesh bag at the front door before walking away. In security footage provided to the Beacon Journal, a raccoon tail can be seen protruding from the bag."

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One of the volunteer escorts at the Northeast Ohio Women's Center said they feared it could be an explosive.

Police tracked down Melissa Strelec by her license plates, who became "irate" and officers allege struck them "multiple times."

"She is charged with criminal mischief and littering in Stow Municipal Court. An assault charge was bound over to the Summit County Court of Common Pleas on Wednesday because it is a felony," the newspaper reported.

The newspaper interviewed medical assistant Krista Mills.

"There was flies all over it and it smelled horrible. It was nerve-wracking and honestly scary," Mills said.

She explained there had been a change in the protesters since the Dobbs v. Jackson decision that overturned Roe.

"They feel like they finally won something," Mills said.

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