'I am concerned and I am also crazy': SNL brutally nails bonkers parents hijacking school board meetings

Saturday Night Live took time out to delve into the latest hotbed of conspiracy rumors and parents gone wild with a hilariously brutal sketch illustrating the difficulties of running a simple school board meeting which, as of late, have turned into magnets for ranting and potential violence.

Using the uptick of parents storming the once-placid meetings to complain about mask mandates and critical race theory (CRT) as a springboard, the sketch saw bellowing cast-member Cecily Strong began by telling the startled board members, "I am concerned and I am also crazy-- let's begin," before rambling about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and concluding, "This is all about Israel."

Asked, "Okay, ma'am, do you have a question about the district's Covid policies or your child's safety?" Strong shot back, "I don't have a child, and I don't live in this town."

Another mom (cast member Heidi Gardner) stepped up to state, "I am so mad I am literally shaking right now. Forget Covid, the real threat is critical race theory. My question is: What is it? And why am I mad about it?"

You can watch below:

School Board Meeting - SNL youtu.be