Anti-masker pleads guilty for calling for Iowa's governor be hanged or shot 'for treason'
Polk County Jail

According to KCRG, an Iowa man was arrested after he left a profane anti-mask voicemail for Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, demanding that she be hanged or shot "for treason."

"Harvey Hunter Jr., 48, pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment, accepting a plea agreement offered by Polk County prosecutors. In a written guilty plea, he said that he 'did threaten to commit bodily injury to a government official' in his Jan. 5 voicemail," said the report. "Prosecutors will recommend that Hunter serve a one-year term of probation, pay a fine, have no contact with the governor and undergo a mental health evaluation. His sentencing is set for next week."

Hunter, for his part, says he did not intend to threaten the governor and was simply protesting COVID-19 restrictions.

A number of anti-mask activists have ended up cause massive disruptions or breaking the law in the course of their protests. One anti-mask activist in Watertown, New York was arrested for trespassing during a city council meeting after refusing to stop an angry rant about the Earth being flat. Another in Canada was arrested after trying to grab a police officer's service weapon.