Outspoken anti-vax radio host Marc Bernier died after three-week battle with COVID-19: report

Yet another prominent conservative media voice has succumbed to coronavirus after arguing against public health measures like masks and vaccines.

WNDB radio announced on Saturday night that anti-vax radio host Marc Bernier had passed away.

After Bernier was hospitalized three weeks ago, WNDB-AM/FM operations director Mark McKinney said he didn't know for sure if the host was unvaccinated.

"If you've listened to his show," McKinney said, "you've heard him talk about how anti-vaccine he is on the air."

In his last tweet, he said pro-vaccine outreach was like the Nazis after a post urging vaccination by Florida Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried, a Democrat.

Bernier wasn't the only individual whose reluctance to take the COVID-19 vaccine proved costly.

The Raw Report detailed an earlier case yesterday in the following video.

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