Another local news reporter announces live on air that she'll be exposing her employers to Project Veritas

Exactly one week after Fox26Houston reporter Ivory Hecker announced live on air that she was handing over secret recordings of her supervisors and co-workers to the right-wing media watchdog group Project Veritas, the weekend weather anchor for CBS 62 Detroit made an on-air announcement that she will be handing over information to the group as well.

April Moss made the announcement while giving the weather forecast this Sunday.

"...and speaking of a brand new week, I will be sitting down this week with Project Veritas to discuss the discrimination that CBS is enforcing upon its employees. Tune in to Project Veritas for my full story," she said before returning to her forecast.

While it's not known what information Moss plans to hand over to the group, Hecker's subsequent interview with Project Veritas featured her complaining that her employer told her to stop posting on social media about the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine. She also said CBS refused to cover bitcoin because the "poor African-American audience" would not be interested in the subject.

Watch the Moss in the video below: