'We're coming for you!' Trump-loving Arizona Republican ramps up intimidation campaign against election officials
Photo via wendyrogers.org

On Friday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," Maricopa County Republican supervisor Bill Gates spoke out, after receiving threats and even an orange prison jumpsuit in the mail for speaking out against the GOP's sham ballot "audit."

The threats, said Gates, are being enabled by Republican state lawmakers who are continuing to back the partisan exercise — one of the examples being state Sen. Wendy Rogers, who warned the board "We're coming for you!"

"You've been dealing with this sham audit, can you talk to me about the level of threats you have been receiving, especially now?" asked anchor Kate Bolduan.

"Yeah, unfortunately, the threats continue and they're not simply organic," said Gates. "They're being driven unfortunately by members to the Arizona State Senate and other Republicans across the country. We have received phone calls into our offices at the Board of Supervisors, staff saying our families will be slaughtered and threatening us to stop standing up for the election workers of Maricopa County."

The key complaint of Trump supporters like Rogers against Gates and the Board of Supervisors is that they will not turn over the routers used in the election — a claim Trump himself has amplified in speeches. But as Gates has explained previously, the election equipment is not connected to the internet, and handing it over could compromise sensitive law enforcement information.

Watch below:

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