Trump-backed Arizona vote 'audit' is already a massive flop in court of public opinion
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Supporters of former President Donald Trump -- and reportedly even the former president himself -- believe that the results of the so-called Arizona vote "audit" will show that he actually won the 2020 election, thus paving the way for his "reinstatement" in the White House this year.

However, CNN reports that a new poll from Monmouth University has found that the results of the Trump-backed Arizona "audit" are highly unlikely to shift public opinion in favor of returning Trump to the presidency.

"A 57 percent majority of Americans say that, based on what they've heard about the audits conducted or proposed by legislatures in some states, they view them as 'partisan efforts to undermine valid election results,'" reports CNN. "Just a third say they see them more as 'legitimate efforts to identify potential voting irregularities.'"

What's more, the poll shows that twice the number of people think the "audit" will undermine democracy as believe it will strength democracy.

The "audit" of the 2020 election has drawn widespread criticism and ridicule from elections experts, who have called it unprofessional and completely biased.

Among other things, auditors have been mocked for searching for bamboo fibers in ballots, which they say would prove nefarious Chinese influence over Arizona's elections last year.

Additionally, some Trump supporters have accused Maricopa County elections official of shredding Trump ballots, feeding them to chickens, and then having the chickens incinerated to cover up the evidence.