Arizona schools superintendent sets up snitch hotline to report 'inappropriate' lessons

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne announced this week that he's set up a new hotline that parents and students can use to report teachers who are delivering what he deemed "inappropriate" lessons.

USA Today reports that Horne, who was elected last year on a platform of back-to-basics learning that did not include questions of identity, wants to hear reports of teachers who disobey his instructions and teach "critical race theory or emotional-support curriculum" or other forbidden topics.

Horne has vowed that teachers who violate his orders will immediately become subject to investigations and will be told to immediately stop their purportedly inappropriate instruction.

If they refuse then they could face disciplinary punishments.

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USA Today notes that Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin set up a similar hotline to report inappropriate lessons last year, but eventually shut it down.

Nonetheless, Arizona Education Association president Marisol Garcia tells USA Today that the hotline will be a detriment to public school teachers even if it is rarely used be angry parents.

“It really does put teachers in a place where they have no idea they even had a complaint lodged against them,” Garcia said. “People lose due process rights.”