'Cancel-free' social media site GETTR suspends notorious neo-Nazi Baked Alaska within hours of launch: report
Tim Gionet aka 'Baked Alaska (1)

A notorious neo-Nazi has already been suspended from GETTR, the newly launched right-wing social media platform that is dedicated to "fighting cancel culture."

As noted by Salon staff writer Zachary Petrizzo, GETTR on Thursday suspended the account of Tim Gionet, a white nationalist who goes by the name "Baked Alaska" on the internet, within hours of launching.

It is not clear what Gionet did to so quickly get suspended from the pro-"free speech" app, but he quickly boasted about his suspension on Gab, the far-right social media platform used by neo-Nazis.

Gionet is currently facing multiple criminal charges, including taking part in the January 6th pro-Trump riots at the United States Capitol building.

GETTR was launched this week by child support-evading Trump aide Jason Miller and is purportedly dedicated to "fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas."