Nervous Dems scout for alternative to Biden to prevent 'nightmare' of Trump win in 2024: report

It's a good bet that Joe Biden is planning on running for reelection in 2024, but according to a new report from New York Magazine, some Democrats are secretly worried that Biden won't be up for the task when the times comes, and they're looking for alternatives.

According to a recent analysis from the Los Angeles Times, Vice President Kamala Harris has an even worse approval rating that Biden, compounding Democrats' worries.

"The result is a bizarre disconnect within the Democratic Party, with two factions talking past each other. One group consists of Biden and his loyalists, who are convinced that while the ticket’s numbers are undeniably bleak, they’re historically unsurprising for a president and VP facing their first midterm and will surely bounce back," writes NY Mag's Gabriel Debenedetti.

The second group, Debenedetti writes, consists of "a broad swath of the Democratic elite and rank and file alike, who suspect that vectors of age, succession, and strategy have created a dynamic with no obvious parallel in recent history."

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Even news of the Supreme Court's potential overturning of Roe v. Wade didn't seem to move the needle, and Biden's historic squeamishness about abortion seemed to weaken his response and he failed to galvanize his party around a cataclysmic moment.

Democrats are nervous about the midterms too, which are less predictable in the wake the SCOTUS' Roe debacle. But in the meantime, "nothing has budged Biden’s sense that nobody but him can keep Trump out of the White House," writes Debenedetti.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, one of Biden's longtime friends expressed wariness at the prospect of Biden facing another grueling campaign. “I’m 66 and I’m f***ing exhausted,” the friend said. “I can’t even imagine being 78, 79, 80, 81, 82 and starting again. Just waking up is a chore.”

"Still, Trump is who Biden can’t stop thinking about," writes Debenedetti. "Whatever doubts his party harbors, his inner circle believes that 'if it’s Trump, Democrats will circle the wagons,' in the words of a former aide."