Person behind viral anti-Biden tweet admits it's misinformation — but is keeping it up 'because it's Biden'
Vice President Joe Biden in Scranton, PA (Photo: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock)

A viral tweet that falsely claimed President Joe Biden put a Medal of Honor backwards around the neck of a Vietnam veteran is staying up even though its creator acknowledges that they are spreading misinformation.

As CNN's Daniel Dale reports, the tweet in question used grainy footage of Biden awarding the veteran the Medal of Honor to falsely claim that he placed it on backwards, even though clearer footage shows that the medal was placed correctly.

"The post that generated more than 2.9 million video views was published on Twitter on Wednesday by an obscure account that has sharply criticized Biden and promoted conspiracy theories," notes Dale. "Anti-Biden commentators with six-figure followings then amplified that account's inaccurate tweet, some of them adding their own assertions about how the video supposedly demonstrated that Biden is declining."

Dale tracked down the person who made the viral tweet and they acknowledged that "it's the way the medal is and it's not backwards."

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However, the person also said they would not be deleting the tweet "because it's Biden and he deserves the scrutiny."