‘Old Donald Trump getting worse’: Al Sharpton says former president's age will matter more than Biden's in 2024
Donald Trump (screengrab)

If former President Donald Trump tries to recapture the White House in 2024, it would be "the best thing that could happen" to President Joe Biden, according to MSNBC host and analyst Al Sharpton.

Biden said Wednesday he plans to seek re-election, adding that a potential rematch with Trump would only increase his desire to run.

On Thursday, Sharpton addressed concerns about Biden's 41 percent approval rating, as well as the fact that he will be 82 at the time of the next presidential election.

"I think the best thing that could happen to him is that Donald Trump run(s)," Sharpton said. "This whole thing of saying that Joe Biden will be 82 pales when you see that Donald Trump will be 78. I'd rather have an 82-year-old Joe Biden who's been stable and kind of steady all his life than — can you imagine Donald Trump two years older as wild as he already is?"

"So all I would do is have a commercial showing old Donald Trump getting worse," Sharpton added. "There's only a four-year gap there. You're not talking about somebody 60 running against somebody 82, you're talking about somebody 78 who's not considered stable by many of us."

Watch below.

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