WATCH: Legal expert unleashes a devastating list of William Barr’s misdeeds on CNN
Attorney General William Barr in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Bill Barr "made a bit of turn" during his last few weeks as President Donald Trump's attorney general, but it was "too little, too late," according to legal expert Elie Honig.

"When Bill Barr had been appointed, even though I was a critic of the DOJ for the first two years, I was more than willing to give Bill Barr the benefit of the doubt, to assume the best," Honig said during an appearance on CNN.

"He then spent the next two years completely trashing that. Most fundamentally, throughout the last two years, Bill Barr has used the Justice Department as a tool to exercise political power. He has lied, he has twisted the law, he has stooped to new lows in order to use the power of prosecution to protect Donald Trump."

Honig later listed many of Barr's misdeeds in office.

"He has quite a rap sheet. First and foremost, he lied to the American public about the Mueller report. I believe in so doing, he saved Trump's presidency because if we had seen the truth, if Bill Barr had not lied about it, I think there would have been a different outcome for Trump back in 2018," Honig said.

"He intervened in politically-charged cases to rescue Michael Flynn, Roger Stone," he continued. "He tried to keep the Ukraine complaint from going to Congress. He fired the head of the SDNY, where I used to work, and lied to the public about that. He used tear gas on protesters outside the White House to clear the way for a photo op where President Trump held up the Bible, and then in the months leading up to the election he lied to the American public about the threat of massive voter fraud."

Watch video below:

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